Update Visual Composer in Orane

Each update to the theme – Orane comes with the latest version of the Visual Composer, to Update the Visual Composer in Orane – An Evolutionary WordPress theme, you need to first log into your WordPress dashboard, go to Themes page and make sure the theme is up to date.


If the theme requires an update, click on the “update available” link on top of the theme icon and click “update now” to update the theme to its latest version. Now you need to go to the Plugins page and deactivate “WPBakery Visual Composer” plugin and then delete it.


The theme will now ask you to install Visual Composer on top of the dashboard. Click “Begin Installing plugin” to install the Visual Composer again.


Click on the “install” link when you hover your mouse over the WpBakery Visual Composer link to start installing the plugin.

Install Visual Composer

You now have the latest version of the Visual Composer that shipped with the theme, Orane is updated regularly with each version of the Visual Composer. If your Visual Composer need another update even after the above steps, you have to wait for the next update for the Orane theme. The theme is often updated in the weekends.